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Niko and Lauren discuss the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael; the humans-turned-angels Metatron and Sandalphon; and a bunch of other angels who were important enough to get names. Plus: angels are weird, and angels are Ninja Turtles.

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Lauren and Niko discuss cherubim, seraphim, grotesque eye monsters, and everything else about angels. Plus: Whose angel rankings are authoritative: Maimonides, Dionysisus, or Niko?

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Comedian/playwright Rebecca Bulnes (@almondmilkhotel) joins Lauren and Niko to discuss Kabbalah, the sacred feminine, the bride of God, and everything else about the Shekhinah. Plus: Maya Angelou, and Niko gets locked out of the Etymology Corner!

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Acts of Andrew

Niko and Lauren discuss miracle inflation, marriage between cousins, X-shaped crosses, and everything else in the apocryphal Acts of Andrew. Plus: a rat king of demons, and we question Gregory of Tours’ editorial instincts!

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Writer Nate Waggoner (@nathanielwagg) joins Lauren and Niko to talk about Gilgamesh, the White Stag, the Huns vs. the Magyars, and everything else tangentially related to the story of Nimrod. Plus: Looney Tunes theology, and a classic Sunday School Dropouts Tower Check™️!

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Comedian and writer Ryan Houlihan (@ryanhoulihan) joins Lauren and Niko to talk about killing babies, magic amulets, seducing rabbis, and everything else about Adam’s first wife Lilith! Plus: Talkin’ ’bout Britney!

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The Fall of Satan

In the inaugural episode of season 3, Niko and Lauren discuss the serpent, Adam and Eve, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and everything else about the fall of Satan. Plus: the return of everyone’s favorite sexy angels!

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Testament Part 4

Join Lauren and Niko for the thrilling conclusion of our playthrough of the Bible-based role-playing game Testament. Our guests for this miniseason are Maggie Tokuda-Hall (@emteehall) and Greg (@leducviolet).

WILL the adventurers finally root out heresy in Jericho? WILL Neva finally find love? WILL there be a shocking reveal that was not foreshadowed at all? The only way to find out is to listen!

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Testament Part 3

Lauren and Niko continue playing  the Bible-based role-playing game Testament along with their guests Greg (@leducviolet) and Maggie Tokuda-Hall (@emteehall). Tune in this week as our heroes continue their investigation into the bizarre heresies of Jericho. Plus: Greg’s rival is revealed, and more hyena facts!

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Testament Part 2

Join Lauren, Niko, Greg (@leducviolet), and Maggie (@emteehall) as miniseason 2.5 continues with another session of the Bible-based RPG Testament. This week we’ve got Hittite leprechauns, mouse sexts, and blasphemous comedy within blasphemous comedy.

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