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Testament Part 4

Join Lauren and Niko for the thrilling conclusion of our playthrough of the Bible-based role-playing game Testament. Our guests for this miniseason are Maggie Tokuda-Hall (@emteehall) and Greg (@leducviolet).

WILL the adventurers finally root out heresy in Jericho? WILL Neva finally find love? WILL there be a shocking reveal that was not foreshadowed at all? The only way to find out is to listen!

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Testament Part 3

Lauren and Niko continue playing  the Bible-based role-playing game Testament along with their guests Greg (@leducviolet) and Maggie Tokuda-Hall (@emteehall). Tune in this week as our heroes continue their investigation into the bizarre heresies of Jericho. Plus: Greg’s rival is revealed, and more hyena facts!
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Testament Part 2

Join Lauren, Niko, Greg (@leducviolet), and Maggie (@emteehall) as miniseason 2.5 continues with another session of the Bible-based RPG Testament. This week we’ve got Hittite leprechauns, mouse sexts, and blasphemous comedy within blasphemous comedy.

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Testament Part 1

Lauren and Niko are back in the premiere of our brief miniseason 2.5! Join us and our guests Greg (@leducviolet) and Maggie Tokuda-Hall (@emteehall) as we begin a game of Testament, the Biblically based tabletop roleplaying game. Come for the Bible jokes, stay for the high-intensity dice-rolling! Plus: Hyena facts abound, and Accents, Accents, Accents!
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In a fat, juicy, 90-minute season finale, Niko and Lauren discuss Patmos, Armageddon, the true meaning of the word “apocalypse,” the number of the beast, seven lampstands/seals/trumpets/bowls of wrath, and everything else in the Book of Revelation. Plus: a deep dive into different configurations of eyeballs, and we finally (sort of) rate the Good Book!
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