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Rerun: Ecclesiastes

We’re off this week for New Year’s, but here’s a classic episode from the archives. We’ll be back next week!


Original summary: Niko and Lauren welcome Mallory Ortberg to the show to discuss meaninglessness, vanity, bad breakups, and all the pop music that seems like it could probably be inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes, if you think about it. Plus: Mallory owes a debt of loyalty to the Stewarts!

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On a Very Special 40th Episode Spectacular Episode, Niko and Lauren welcome Sunday School Dropouts logo designer Elise Carlton to the show to talk about everything except the book of Zephaniah! Plus: two kinds of owls, and Lauren freaks out again!

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Lauren and Niko are joined by writer and educator Matthew Clark Davison to discuss altar boys, the real meaning of lay ministry, obscure burns on Catholicism, and everything else in the book of Habakkuk. Plus: dog psychics and flying statues!

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