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Note: We used an artificial-intelligence program called Torch-rnn to generate the following text, using the Bible as a corpus. To learn more about our methods and hear interpretations from us and our guests, you can listen to this episode. Feel free to send us your own interpretations by emailing 


They Burned Them a Departed in the Son of Jerusalem

The people shall be destroyed by the captains of the hand of the country of the sons of the east, and the house of Jerusalem, the counsel of the children of Israel, and the refuge of the way of the forest of the things and of the great men of the land.

They went out with their hands to be a bell with the tent, and his son, the king of Israel, sent it against Jerusalem.

They said, “I will be in the father of the land, and will go to Yahweh, and they will not see the sea.”

The king said, “I will strong them with the army of the children of Israel, and the house of Yahweh, bathe them in the peace of the stones of the children of Israel.”

They said, “Let the earth offer the good thing of the tent of the house of Yahweh, and the mountains of an evil bear which should fall on the city.”

They shall come and say to the sons of Ronah, “Sing,” and say, “I will be a donkey as the mountain shall do to the sky.” And the dead of the children of Israel shall give him the woman of the earth.

The land of Yahweh spoke to him, and said, “I will gather the children of Israel to the villages of the nations, that he shall respond to me, and they shall come and strengthen the heart of the men of the field.”

The children of Benjamin were the sons of David the son of Joab, and the sons of Bear, and Jerusalem, and the son of Asariah, and Jerusalem the son of Jerusalem, and Saul, and Kidastah, and Judah.

And you shall also ask it to the priest, and your house shall say, “You may come to Samaria, and the army of the fools, and the house of Yahweh, and the strongholds of the strength of the shadow of the book, and the people of the people, and the brothers of Israel.”

And he shall say to them, “I will go into the earth, the heart of the sin offering to the good sword. They shall be carried on the hamber of the work of the father of Babylon, and the fat of the priest.”

And it was the thing, the tent in the house of Jerusalem: they have made him to return to me. You shall come to the sea for it.

He struck the people of his people—the tent of the men of the former thousand wickednesses, and the sons of fire—for a land of seed.

The children of Israel said to them, “I will destroy him, and the sons of Israel, and the mountains and the sons of David.”

Your servants have made gold of the purple.